Safe Teen Abortions – No Parental Consent Needed


We are sensitive to our teenage patients’ emotional needs and we want our patients to feel comfortable through every stage of their experience. First, we determine how long you have been pregnant, then you will meet with a trained female counselor who will discuss your abortion with you. Everyone in our office wants to make sure you are comfortable with your decision to have an abortion.

Our nurse or nurse practitioner answer all your questions, tell you about your anesthesia, stress the importance of gentle postoperative care, and offer birth control options.

All our nursing staff contribute to the gentle, supportive acceptance you — and all teens — will feel in our Bronx office.


Female counselors, trained in women’s health and crisis intervention will answer all questions and discuss any personal issues determining a patient’s decision. Teens are welcome to participate in a group counseling session or they can request a private counseling session.

Are you a teenager? Are you pregnant? Get to know the facts:
Teen Abortion

Parenting at any age can be challenging, but it can be particularly difficult for adolescent parents. In 2014, just over 249,000 babies were born to teen girls between the ages of 15 and 19.  Childbearing during adolescence negatively affects the parents, their children, and society. Compared with their peers who delay childbearing, teen girls who have babies are:

  • Less likely to finish high school;
  • More likely to rely on public assistance;
  • More likely to be poor as adults; and
  • More likely to have children who have poorer educational, behavioral, and health outcomes over the course of their lives than do kids born to older parents.[2]

From the Office of Adolescent Health website (Dept. of Health and Human Services)

Reasons that teens decide to have an abortion:

A teen who deciding whether or not  to have an abortion is usually influenced by her financial situation, her family, her peers, and her commitment to personal or professional goals.

The Guttmacher institute tells us that a teenager most often gives these reasons for having an abortion:

  • She doesn’t want her life changed by a baby
  • She can’t afford a baby
  • She isn’t mature enough to be a mother

Pregnancy interrupts your life, your educational plans, and your future earning potential. Teen motherhood often means that both you and your child will grow up poor.

Teen mothers are significantly less likely to complete high school than their peers; less than 2% of teen mothers who give birth before age 18 go on to earn a college degree by the time they turn 30.

In comparison, teens who choose abortion are more successful in school and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education.

Teen Abortion Statistics
  • The majority of abortions occur in teens and younger women. The younger a teen is when she gets pregnant, the more likely she is to seek an abortion.
  • A little over half of teens will have sex before graduating high school.
  • Teens having unprotected sex have a 90% chance of becoming pregnant within a year, and sexually active teens may also become pregnant when birth control fails
  • 1 in 3 women get pregnant before age 20.
  • About 750,000 teens get pregnant each year. Two-thirds of these pregnancies, however, are 18 and 19 year olds, who may or may not be married.
  • About one third of teens who get pregnant seek an abortion.
  • Currently, 24 of every 1,000 teens has an abortion. This means that over 200,000 teens get an abortion every year.
  • About 80% of women who get abortions are single.
  • Though reporting of abortions by race is imperfect, it appears that abortion rates are higher among blacks than whites, and somewhat lower among Hispanics than whites, according to data from the CDC.
  • Teen abortion statistic rates are highest in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Nevada and Washington D.C.

From Teen Pregnancy Statistics 

After having an abortion, most teens feel relieved.

Research indicates that relief is the most common emotional response following abortion, and that psychological distress appears to be greatest before, rather than after, an abortion. There are undoubtedly some women who, in hindsight, wish that they had made different choices, and the majority would prefer never to have become pregnant when the circumstances were not right for them. When a wanted pregnancy is ended (for medical reasons, for example) women may experience a sense of loss and grief. As with any major change or decision involving loss, a crisis later in life sometimes leads to a temporary resurfacing of sad feelings surrounding the abortion.Women at risk for poor postabortion adjustment are those who do not get the support they need, or whose abortion decisions are actively opposed by people who are important to them.

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Parental or spousal consent is never required. All patients are assured that their privacy is completely guarded and the physicians and their assistants maintain strict and total confidentiality.


Our New York Abortion Office has been providing abortions for teens – without parental consent – since abortion was first legalized in New York.  Bronx Abortion is an accredited provider of first trimester (up to 12 weeks) and second trimester (from 12 weeks to 24 weeks) abortions. Our low fee includes:

  • Sonogram
  • Lab Work
  • Abortion Counseling
  • Twilight Anesthesia
  • Post Surgical Medications
  • Free GYN Follow Up
  • 24 Hour Patient Hotline

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