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Private Abortion

Safe, Legal, Private Abortion

Bronx Abortion is a private doctor’s office which has dedicated more than 40 years to performing safe, legal, private abortion services to women of all ages.

Our facility is approved by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) to perform private outpatient surgical procedures.

Private Abortion Services

At Bronx Abortion, we offer women all the facilities of a clinic and all the individualized care of their own private Gynecologist.

All in-clinic surgical abortion procedures are performed by a Certified, NYS Licensed OB-GYN  with specialized training in abortion medicine.

Our services include: First and Second Trimester Abortions (up to 12 weeks), Medical Abortions, RU486 (RU-486, the abortion pill), labwork, physical examinations, counseling, and screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Abortion is a Private Matter

Our nursing staff appreciates that abortion is a private matter and does everything possible to demonstrate support and respect for our patients, their family and friends.

Private counseling is available for patients who wish to discuss their decision alone with a counselor or physician.

Our counselors are dedicated to making sure that you receive accurate and updated information in an emotionally supportive, private setting.

We pride ourselves on good preparation and an expert staff, so well trained that there is little or no waiting time for patients once they are ready for their clinical procedure.

Our private surgical facility is located near Jacobi Hospital complex near Pelham Parkway in the Bronx, in a very safe neighborhood with plenty of parking.