Is Abortion Safe?

Is Abortion Safe?

What is a surgical abortion? Is it safe?


Surgical abortion is one of the safest and most common surgical procedures performed in the United States, and our skilled New York Certified and Licensed Physicians are experienced in providing safe and patient-friendly abortion procedures. We understand that you are nervous and want your visit to be comfortable and easy. Your surgical abortion is performed according to the well tested protocol of the NYS Department of Health and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.The actual medical procedure usually lasts between five and fifteen minutes.

When you come to our New York surgical facility, you will be greeted and checked in at the front desk and asked to fill our paperwork with your medical history before you are taken to the laboratory for a pregnancy test and blood work. You will change into one of our pretty medical gowns and have a sonogram to accurately determine the length of your pregnancy.

Once we determine how long you have been pregnant, you will meet with a trained female counselor who will discuss your surgical procedure, and make sure you are comfortable with your decision to have an abortion. She will also tell you about your anesthesia, stress the importance of gentle postoperative care, and offer birth control options. She will also schedule an appointment for you to return to the facility in 2-3 weeks for your free follow up appointment.

Prior to your surgical procedure, you will meet our experienced physician and have a chance to ask any questions that you have about your medical experience. Your abortion will be performed in one of our certified operating rooms, by a team of warm, friendly healthcare professionals.

Throughout your procedure our anesthesia staff will monitor your vital signs continuously to ensure maximum safety. You will receive either a local anesthetic or a general anesthesia, which will put you to sleep for approximately 3-7 minutes. Once asleep, the surgeon will insert a speculum into the vagina so that the cervix can be visualized. The cervix will be gently opened using a series of thin dilators through which a plastic vacurette can be inserted into the uterus. The vacurette is connected to a suction catheter and a controlled light suction is used to remove the pregnancy tissue.

After your procedure…


After your abortion procedure, you will rest in our recovery room where a nurse will monitor your vital signs. Once you are ready to get up, and are feeling alert and steady, you will be given cookies or a light snack to eat and join your escort or companion for your ride home.

Nurses On Call

We have nurses on call 24 hours a day seven days a week and can answer any questions that might arise following the procedure.