First Trimester Abortion:
4-12 weeks pregnant?

A First Trimester abortion takes place when a woman is between 4 and 12 weeks pregnant.

Our trained female counselors will discuss your early abortion options and help you to come to a decision that is right for you.

We always try to make your stay with us as comfortable and as brief as possible. If you decide to have an abortion and are under 12 weeks pregnant, you can expect to be in our office for 3-5 hours.

During your first trimester abortion visit you can expect to:

Complete a self medical history and sign consent forms.

Leave a urine sample for a pregnancy test.

Meet with a one of our trained female counselors to discuss your medical history and your payment options.

Have a simple blood test by finger stick.

If indicated have a sonogram to estimate the length of pregnancy.

Attend a group counseling session where you can ask questions about birth control, contraception, anesthesia, possible complications, and your feelings about your decision to have an abortion.

Meet with the doctor for an examination, discuss your procedure, receive anesthesia, and have your abortion.

Rest in our recovery room for as long as you need to feel alert and ready to move.

Have some cookies and be discharged.

All of our first trimester abortion patients have access to a 24 hour hotline which is answered by experienced, understanding, and attentive medical staff.

Call 718-829-7000


Second Trimester Abortion:
13-24 weeks pregnant?

When you call for an appointment our nurse will ask you for the first day of your last normal menstrual period. This date lets her estimate the number of weeks you have been pregnant.

If you are 13 to 24 weeks pregnant, you are in the Second Trimester of your pregnancy. Second Trimester Abortions performed during the second trimester of a pregnancy are called dilation and evacuation (D&E).

A second trimester abortion is performed in two consecutive days. On the first day, cervical dilators will be inserted into the cervix to gently and comfortably dilate the cervix through the night.

We ask that you remain with a 50 mile radius from our office after the laminaria have been inserted. Please remember that you must have an escort accompany you home on both days. You will return to our Bronx Office the next morning at 7:30am.

For the second day procedure, you will be asleep for approximately 5-15 minutes. Once asleep, the pregnancy tissue will be removed. The surgeon will insert a speculum in the vagina to improve access to the cervix. The cervical dilators will be removed and the pregnancy tissue will be removed from the uterus via the dilated cervix. The surgeon will apply gentle suction to the lining of the uterus to ensure that all pregnancy tissue was removed. Finally, the surgeon will massage your uterus to control bleeding and help the uterus contract to its normal size. 

All second trimester abortion patients receive prescriptions of medications to take at home. You will take antibiotics to prevent infection. You will also take medication to help your uterus return to its pre-pregnant size.

You may return to the office for your free postoperative appointment within 2-3 weeks. A female counselor will discuss birth control with you at that time and answer any other questions you may have about your female reproductive health.

Call 718-829-7000

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Our caring, professional staff recognizes that a woman's health is her responsibility and we are dedicated to providing our patients with helpful information and the highest quality women's healthcare.




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  • Our caring, professional staff recognizes that a woman's health is her responsibility and we are dedicated to providing our patients with helpful information and the highest quality women's healthcare.

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