ASafe Abortions

We honor the Gold Standard of patient healthcare guidelines.

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Abortion counseling is part of our patient care protocol: it aids in emotional and physical recovery.

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CNYS Certified

We comply with the AAAASF's rules and guidelines for pregnancy testing and surgical safety.

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D1st & 2nd trimester Abortion

We specialize in private abortions from 4 weeks to 24 weeks.

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40 Years of Helping New York Teens


Salon Magazine praises Bronx Abortion: Salon Magazine Praises Bronx Abortion for its friendly facebook page

“One thing I think our movie fights for, and I will fight for as a person, is that it’s a woman’s right not just to choose but to have complex feelings about that choice.” - Jenny Slate, star of Obvious Child


Patients say...

  • “NY Abortion is an excellent women's health center with nurses and doctors who take great care to respect all their patients...”
    Nanette O.,
    New York, NY
  • “The counselors at NY Abortion helped me make a difficult decision. Once I made that decision, I put myself in their experienced hands... ”
    Suzanne P.,
    Manhattan, NY
  • “I came to NY Abortion to get a private, SAFE abortion even though I waited till my 15th week. The nurses made me feel comfortable.”
    Phyllis G.,
    Long Island, NY

Safe NY Abortion since 1970

  • Our caring, professional staff recognizes that a woman's health is her responsibility and we are dedicated to providing our patients with helpful information and the highest quality women's healthcare.

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One Low Fee:

  • includes your GYN exam, your Sonogram, your Blood Work
  • your Local Anesthesia and Twilight Sleep, birth control advise, Aftercare Medications (Antibiotics) and a free follow up visit after 3 weeks, to make sure that you have fully recovered.

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