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Our Bronx Office has been providing safe, confidential, quality women's abortion care in New York since abortion was first legalized in the 1970s. Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to making your experience comfortable, supportive and short.

We offer First Trimester Abortions (up to 12 weeks), Second Trimester Abortions (13 to 24 weeks), and the abortion pill. We accept Medicaid and most insurance. There is one low all inclusive price for an abortion, which includes blood work, counseling, sonogram, anesthesia, aftercare medications, and 3 week follow-up.

WE ARE OPEN ON SATURDAYS AT FROM 7AM. Do not eat from MIDNIGHT the night before. ( No coffee, no juice, no tic-tacs, no gum, please. Call 718-829-7000 for more information!)

Bronx Abortion certified OBGYN

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF) has accredited Bronx Abortion as a facility that meets nationally recognized standards, regularly revising and updating its requirements for patient safety and quality of care.

Our outpatient surgical facility meets hundreds of patient safety initiatives that ensure and enhance safe abortion procedures. Services are provided by a board-certified Gynecologist, Anesthesiologists, Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs, Registered Nurses and specially trained counselors with years of experience in Abortion Care.

Saturday Walk-ins Welcome at 2070 Eastchester Road Bronx

We understand that it is difficult for many patients to call in advance so our Bronx Abortion office welcomes walk-in patients every Saturday morning, from 7AM-8AM at 2070 Eastchester Road. Please call us for details about how to prepare for your procedure.

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What We Do


Our board certified physicians provide first and second trimester abortions in an NAAASF-accredited outpatient facility. From the moment you enter the office you know that you are being cared for by professionals dedicated to safeguarding your physical and psychological well-being .

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All Meds Included

One low fee includes all Meds, your Sonogram, your Labs, your Anesthesia, counseling, Aftercare Medications (Antibiotics) and a free follow up visit after 3 weeks, to make sure that you are totally recovered.

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Abortion Counseling

You receive individualized professional counseling which includes birth control information. Female counselors, trained in women's health and crisis intervention will answer all your questions and discuss any personal issues surrounding your decision to have an abortion.

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No Parental Consent Necessary

Parental or spousal consent is never required. You can rest assured that your physician, your nurse, your counselors and nurse's aides will maintain strict and total confidentiality.

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We believe in making you as comfortable as possible during the abortion procedure. We offer several options for sedation during your procedure:

Local anesthesia numbs only the surgical area (Cervix).

General Anesthesia is administered by an Anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist and causes the patient to be asleep and unaware during the procedure.

IV (Intra-Venous) Sedation administers relaxing drugs (such as Versed, Fentanyl, etc) through an intravenous needle and induces a "Twilight Sleep" during which little or no pain is felt.

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Our Professional Fee


The fee for each procedure is all-inclusive. It covers relevant in-house laboratory work, sonogram, counseling, anesthesia (general, twilight or local), aftercare medication and follow-up examination. Patients must pay their full fee at their initial appointment. Personal and third party checks are not accepted. Payment can be made in cash, traveler’s checks, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

Most Insurance and New York State Medicaid are accepted. Please call in advance. Please call 1-718-829-7000 for current prices and to verify insurance coverage.

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What Our Patients Say

  • "I was very upset when I came to the office. There was a lot of pressure from people I knew who were anti-abortion. The counselor was wonderful. She quickly calmed me down by telling me that she too had a similar experience as me, in terms of becoming pregnant on the pill, and had an abortion. She hugged me and urged me to remember that it was my CHOICE to decide what was best."
    -- Ellen, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • "At the counseling session I told everyone that I was not ready for a baby, that I did not feel that I should be punished for my accident with a boy, and that I would take birth control from now on..

    Almost a year later, I have no regrets about my decision ... the procedure really helped me understand how much I wanted a different kind of future. I will always be grateful to this office for helping me make the right decision, and taking care of me when I needed their expert help."
    -- Susan, Bronx, N.Y.

  • Once I filled out the paperwork, it seemed to happen very quickly. I was lying there and then I was out. I'm very glad I had the Twilight sleep and that the counselor was so supportive.
    -- Carrie, N.Y.C

The Blog


"Most women want as many children as they can have."


The typical American woman wants two children, and is only pregnant (or trying to become pregnant) for a total of 3 years. She spends 30 years (most of her reproductive life) evading or avoiding pregnancy. -- August 2014 ]



"Only a few women actually want to have an abortion. If there were no abortion clinics, no one would have abortions."


Three out of every ten women have had an abortion by the age of 45.

It's OK to want an abortion. Please call 718-829-7000 to talk to a trained professional about terminating a pregnancy.

MYTH: Women have abortions for selfish or frivolous reasons.


The decision to have an abortion is rarely simple. Most women base their decision on several factors, the most common being lack of money and/or unreadiness to start or expand their families due to existing responsibilities. Many feel that the most responsible course of action is to wait until their situation is more suited to childrearing; 66% plan to have children when they are older, financially able to provide necessities for them, and/or in a supportive relationship with a partner so their children will have two parents. Others wanted to get pregnant but developed serious medical problems, learned that the fetus had severe abnormalities, or experienced some other personal crisis. About 13,000 women each year have abortions because they have become pregnant as a result of rape or incest.

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From the National Abortion Federation


Every woman wants -- intends -- to be a mother.


Each year, almost half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended. About half of these unplanned pregnancies, 1.3 million each year, are ended by abortion. There are many myths and misconceptions about who gets abortions, and why.

The fact is that the women who have abortions come from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. If current rates continue, it is estimated that 35% of all women of reproductive age in America today will have had an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45.

The incidence of abortion can be tracked in two different ways. The first is simply to keep a tally of the total number of abortions obtained by women who fall into specified categories. Numbers tracked in this way are usually expressed as a percentage of all abortions provided in a year. Alternatively, the rate of abortion can be measured by calculating the total number of abortions obtained per 1,000 women who make up the total population in each category...

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MYTH: Many women come to regret their abortions later.

FACT:Research indicates that relief is the most common emotional response following abortion, and that psychological distress appears to be greatest before, rather than after, an abortion.

There are undoubtedly some women who, in hindsight, wish that they had made different choices, and the majority would prefer never to have become pregnant when the circumstances were not right for them. Women at risk for poor postabortion adjustment are those who do not get the support they need, or whose abortion decisions are actively opposed by people who are important to them..

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