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Safe Abortions - Reduced Fees

Our Bronx Office now provides the safe, NON-SURGICAL ABORTION PILL. Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to making your experience in our office comfortable, supportive and short. Early Medical Abortion is the routine treatment option for pregnancies up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

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There is one all inclusive REDUCED FEE for a medical abortion. Please call our office for detailed information.

WE ARE OPEN ON SATURDAYS AT FROM 7AM. Call 718-829-7000 for an appointment or WALK-IN to our office on 2070 Eastchester Road in the Bronx, New York. We offer free transportation to and from our convenient Bronx Office.

Bronx Abortion certified OBGYN

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF) has accredited Bronx Abortion as a facility that meets nationally recognized standards, regularly revising and updating its requirements for patient safety and quality of care.

Our outpatient surgical facility meets hundreds of patient safety initiatives that ensure and enhance safe abortion procedures. Services are provided by a board-certified Gynecologist, Anesthesiologists, Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs, Registered Nurses and specially trained counselors with years of experience in Abortion Care. Call 718-829-7000 for more information!

Saturday Walk-ins Welcome at 2070 Eastchester Road Bronx


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What We Do


Our board certified physicians provide first and second trimester abortions in an NAAASF-accredited outpatient facility. From the moment you enter the office you know that you are being cared for by professionals dedicated to safeguarding your physical and psychological well-being .

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All Meds Included

One low fee includes all Meds, your Sonogram, your Labs, your Anesthesia, counseling, Aftercare Medications (Antibiotics) and a free follow up visit after 3 weeks, to make sure that you are totally recovered.

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Abortion Pill

Abortion by Pill-no surgery needed! We offer safe, non-surgical, medical abortions at a reduced fee every Saturday morning. Walk-ins are welcome from 7:30am at 2070 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY. Early Medical Abortion is the routine treatment option for pregnancies up to 10 weeks gestation.

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No Parental Consent Necessary

Parental or spousal consent is never required. You can rest assured that your physician, your nurse, your counselors and nurse's aides will maintain strict and total confidentiality. Supportive female counselors, trained in women's health and crisis intervention will answer all your questions and discuss any personal issues surrounding your decision to have an abortion.

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We believe in making you as comfortable as possible during the abortion procedure. We offer several options for sedation during your procedure:

Local anesthesia numbs only the surgical area (Cervix).

General Anesthesia is administered by an Anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist and causes the patient to be asleep and unaware during the procedure.

IV (Intra-Venous) Sedation administers relaxing drugs (such as Versed, Fentanyl, etc) through an intravenous needle and induces a "Twilight Sleep" during which little or no pain is felt.

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The fee for each procedure is all-inclusive. It covers relevant in-house laboratory work, sonogram, counseling, anesthesia (general, twilight or local), aftercare medication and follow-up examination. Patients must pay their full fee at their initial appointment. Personal and third party checks are not accepted. Payment can be made in cash, traveler’s checks, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

Most Insurance and New York State Medicaid are accepted. Please call 1-718-829-7000 for current prices and to verify insurance coverage.

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